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Guide to Office Romance: 14 Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

Nothing can spice-up your gloomy and monotonous workday like your good old office romance.

Do you feel like things are starting to heat-up between you and your male co-worker? When a guy likes you, he can make it seem pretty obvious. A brewing in-house relationship might be the talk of the town, so your prospective boyfriend might be making only a few subtle hints that he’s into you.

Your workplace is one of the best places to meet dashing, goal-driven, and responsible men. Well, it’s definitely better than prowling bars and clubs on the weekend. Not to mention all the dating apps you’ve swiped left on.

While starting a relationship in the professional setting can get complicated and uncomfortable, that’s a topic for a different article.

One of the most exciting things about waking up each morning is getting to see a friendly (and handsome) face, but does he feel the same way about you?

While guys would often show obvious signs that he likes you, your work environment might make him throw more subtle signs of interest.

If you’re still skeptical about these subtle signs of attraction, look for these hints the next time you come to the office.

Top 14 Signs a Male Co-worker Likes You

1. He makes his attraction obvious through body language

While it may not be appropriate to show his attraction to you in a professional setting, he might try compensating for this through his body language. One thing’s for sure, body language doesn’t lie.

If he’s trying to make a lot of eye contact, angling his body toward you, smiling and leaning in when you’re talking, or if his voice gets deeper when he speaks with you, he might subconsciously telling you that he’s interested in you.

You know what they say about the eyes, they’re the windows to your soul.

If he’s staring at you with intense and seductive eyes that he doesn’t give anyone else, take it as a hint that he likes you.

Here’s a short study on looks of attraction:
* He maintains steady and intense eye contact with you.
* He quickly looks away if you catch him staring at you.
* He checks to see if you laugh or smile after he tells a joke.
* You catch his eyes wandering to your mouth when you speak.

2. He gives you extra attention

While it’s true that he might just be a social butterfly, you might start to notice that he’s making a lot of effort to spend some special alone time with you.

It might be as subtle as taking lunch breaks at the same time you do or wanting to walk you to your car or the bus stop. He might even remember minute and inane details about something you’ve told him a few weeks before.

When you need to talk to him, he gives you his full attention by setting aside his work or putting his phone away. He might even try to help you out with your deadlines and initiate a coffee break when he feels you’re stressed out.

He might even bring you a cup of joe or your favorite sandwich. Pay attention if he does this for anyone else. It might be a sign that he wants to make you feel special.

A sure way to tell if a guy likes you is if he focuses on you and makes you feel like you’re his number one priority.

3. He wants to spend a lot of alone-time with you

You might start to notice that his work schedule is starting to match yours! Does he go for lunch the same time you do, or does he log-off work around the time you clock-out?

It might be his way of trying to spend a little more time with you. If the opportunity doesn’t allow for much alone time, he might even try to come by your desk often, or he might try to sit beside you during meetings.

You might think these little hints are accidental, but if a guy likes you, he’ll do anything in his power just to be close to you!

4. You make him feel like a knight-in-shining-armor

While it may seem dated to think of women as damsels in distress, it wouldn’t hurt to have your special guy friend feel like a hero once in a while.

If you make him feel needed at work and he’s being overly helpful and protective, chances are that he likes you a lot.

A concept in relationship psychology called the hero instinct asserts that men still have a biological need to protect and provide for women. According to the hero instinct, rewarding this aspect of his masculinity is what will trigger deep feelings of affection and attraction.

If you make your co-worker feel like some sort of everyday hero at the workplace, it’s likely that he’ll want to start building a relationship with you.

5. He’s constantly trying to find out if you’re single

Your co-worker might subtly (or not so subtly) insert the topic of relationships into your conversations.

He might try to ask questions about your boyfriend, and if he finds out your single, you’ll notice him brightening up!

He’ll want to cover all the facts before starting a relationship in the workplace. It’s complicated enough having an office romance. What more if the girl he’s interested in is married or has a boyfriend!

6. He acts differently around you

If a guy likes you, it can go two ways: he might be extra nervous and awkward around you, or he might go overboard with trying to impress you.

This weird energy can make his head a little foggy when talking with you. He might stumble all over his words, or he might even break out in a nervous sweat.

Other men might be more confident, and instead of directly flirting with you, he’ll try to joke around and want to make you laugh. Playfully teasing you is a way for guys to build intimacy with their dream girl without crossing the line.

If he seems pretty invested in spending energy to make playful banter with you, it might be a sign that he’s interested. He’s probably enjoying having plenty of jokes that the rest of the office won’t understand.

7. He’s confiding in you

If your conversations are starting to veer away from lighthearted banter and small talk, it might be a sign that he trusts you more than anyone in the workplace.

He might start talking about some of his problems at work, or he might even start to talk about his personal life. You can take this as a sign that he wants to build a deeper relationship with you.

Another sign that a guy likes you is if he’s talking a lot about his career plans at work ambitions. For a lot of men, sharing their goals and future plans is an intimate way to gauge how supportive you are, and they might even be trying to impress you. Who knows, it might be their subtle way of saying, “I want to have a future with you.”

8. He’s starting to act and speak like you

Another way to tell if someone likes you if they start behaving similarly to you. Subconsciously mirroring your actions is a sign that someone respects you and feels a connection with you.

If he starts behaving differently from before, here are some signs to see if he’s mirroring you:
* If he’s starting to use similar language as you. He might start adopting your lingo and slang.
* If he’s copying your mannerisms, like speaking with your hands or fiddling with a pen.
* Most people will start matching their energy levels, similar to the people they like. This assures that they can maintain an interesting and engaging interaction.

9. He’s interested in your personal life

If you notice a male co-worker asking a lot of questions about your personal life, it might be a sign that he wants to build a relationship with you outside of work.

He will want to know about the things that you like to do and the places that you like to go to in order to build some rapport. He might also be testing the waters for a special connection between the two of you.

If he really is interested in you, he would be making some extra efforts to find out about your schedule and plans. He would want to spend some extra time with you outside the confines of your office.

He might ask you if you plan on going to a work outing or party to gauge if it’s worth attending. He might even offer you a ride or offer to save you a seat.
On work outings and parties, you’d notice that he makes an extra effort to talk with you over your other co-workers. This is also a chance for him to know more about your personal life and build rapport.

Figuring out how to spend time with you outside work is one of the most obvious signs that a co-worker likes you.

10. He’s gets jealous of your relationship with other male co-worker

While no one likes a possessive boyfriend, if a guy likes you, he might not be too keen about finding out that you’re getting closer to another male co-worker.

The fact that it’s hard to build a romantic relationship in the workplace might be stressing him out, so he might start to see other co-workers as competition. He may even feel threatened and insecure even if there’s nothing going on with you and the other guys at work.

He’ll also want to gauge what you think of your other male co-workers to try to get a bearing on your relationship with them. He might ask you some subtle questions to figure out if he’s a close friend or just an acquaintance.

11. He’s trying to keep the conversation going after office hours

You’ve signed-off work, but does your guy co-worker keep contacting you about personal matters? If he’s trying to build a connection with you through social media, it’s a sign that he’s into you.

If he’s calling or texting you non-stop after work, it means that he wants to take your relationship to the next level, outside a suffocating work setting. It means that he’s thinking about you, and he wants to make a connection with you.

He might send you some articles or photos that he thinks you’ll be interested in. Might even send you some funny videos to make you laugh and brighten your day. You might even notice that he’s commenting on and liking a lot of your posts.

If he responds with cold and short messages, it might be a sign that he’s not interested after all.

If your co-worker sends thoughtful and interactive messages, it’s a sign that he’s willing to give spend time to build your relationship.

12. He can’t help flirting with you.

Guys might try to make flirting and compliments to a minimum at work. Since it’s not so professional to be direct in the workplace, they won’t exactly compliment you outright and might even steer clear of making any comments about your physical appearance.

Instead, he’ll compliment you on how well your presentation went or maybe even that you’re a great public speaker.

Playful banter and teasing may also be a way for him to flirt with you. If he’s a little shy, he might try to give you a small smile from across the room.

Whichever way he wants to flirt with you, you can’t help but feel his affection from these little actions.

13. Your co-workers are noticing it too

If your co-workers start noticing that something may be going on between the two of you, then there might be some valid reason to think that he really likes you!

Considering that everyone is busy in your workplace, becoming the hot topic for this week’s gossip is a feat only made possible if your co-worker has been dropping a lot of hints.
If your co-workers start teasing you two, or if they are starting to suspect a budding romance, then your predictions might really be true!

14. You feel the air buzzing

When love is in the air, it’s hard to ignore the signs.

When you like someone, your hormones get crazy, and you’ll start noticing some physical symptoms. You might start feeling lightheaded, get red in the face, or your knees get weak every time you see your co-worker.

There’s a physical need to be close with you, and you might be craving attention and a simple touch from your co-worker.

He might “accidentally” brush by you, or you might notice that he regularly bumps into you during lunch breaks.

When people are attracted to someone, the body doesn’t lie. You’ll find that sometimes, our bodies have a mind of their own when we’re falling in love.

Sometimes there’s really no denying the sexual tension in the air.

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How do I know for sure if he likes me?

It’s time to get real.

If you’re still troubled about whether or not your co-worker wants a relationship with you, let’s skip all the guessing games, and you can start having an honest conversation with him.

Considering that you’re both adults in a professional workplace, there’s no shame in asking outright to clear the air. Make sure to set a lighthearted and easygoing mood to relieve any potential tension and awkwardness.

Let him know what you think about him and that you’re interested in dating. He’ll let you know if he feels the same way or if he’s not interested.

If this method is too blunt for you, carefully go back to the top 15 signs that a male-coworker likes you.

Are you down for an office romance, or maybe you’re not quite ready yet?

Read on to find out what to do in either situation.

How do I reject unwanted romantic attention?

If you’re uncomfortable with the attention he gives you, let him know and make sure to let him down gently.

Show your appreciation

The first thing that you should do is to thank them for the attention and the extra effort they’ve made for you. Even if it’s made you uncomfortable in the past, usually, a person wouldn’t intentionally continue to make you feel that way.

By thanking your co-worker, you’ll prevent them from also feeling hurt or rejected. This can lead to some additional drama or awkwardness at work.

Keep in mind that making an effort to show someone that you like them takes a lot of courage. Make them feel respected and appreciated by letting them down lightly and not simply brushing them off.

Clear all ambiguities

Next, if there’s some ambiguity and you’re confused about his intentions, you can suggest inviting other co-workers if he asks you out. If this doesn’t go as planned, make your decision clear by explaining what you really think.

Clear-up your career concerns

Explain how much you value your career and how starting a relationship at work will make you uncomfortable. Most companies will frown upon relationships between supervisors and their subordinates, for example.

This will make your co-worker feel as if they weren’t rejected outright. It’s just that you value your career and are following company procedure.

Make your choice clear

Don’t settle for any gray areas.

If you really don’t plan on dating your co-worker, make your intentions clear by giving them an answer that clearly says “no.”

You might want to let them down lightly by saying, “Maybe next time” or “I’m busy.” The problem with this is that you didn’t give them a clear answer. They might take it as an invitation to ask you out again in a few days.

Remember to be sensitive but direct and honest.

How do I start a relationship at work?

Building a strong relationship is no joke, especially if you have to deal with additional stress and tension in the workplace.

Sure it can get exciting to have a loved one at work, but it can also get disastrous if things don’t work out.

Before you start an explosive office romance, make sure to follow these tips:

Carefully turn over the idea in your head

If one thing’s for sure, you can’t simply jump into an office romance without thinking of the consequences. While having a romantic relationship at work will do wonders for your social life, it can also damage your career.

Most companies will frown upon relationships between employees, so make sure that company policy will allow you to do so. Even if it’s not written on paper, it might seem unprofessional, and you might end up damaging your career. Ask a trusted supervisor for some advice on what you should do.

Don’t broadcast your relationship

We understand that you’re ecstatic about your new relationship, but going public at work and over social media can make your co-workers uncomfortable.

Discretion and privacy is still the best way to go for an office romance. Don’t encourage unnecessary talk about the status of your relationship.

Set rules and boundaries

Maintaining a romantic relationship at work will eventually lead to a lot of complications.

While it may not seem romantic, set a couple of ground rules before you begin the relationship. Decide on how you want to treat each other at work and how you’ll set your boundaries.

Not all relationships last forever, so it’ll be a good idea to set an ‘exit plan’ if ever you end your relationship in the future. It might be hard to fathom ending the relationship before it even started, but you have to think about how you’ll deal with the consequences of ending your relationship.

Be careful of sexual harassment charges

Let’s face it, not all relationships end with rainbows and roses. Both parties need to remain cautious, especially if one is a subordinate.

Keep your feelings transparent and make sure that nobody feels pressured to stay in the relationship. Familiarize yourself with what constitutes sexual harassment, and be careful not to do anything that might indicate unwanted sexual advances.

Be Professional

One of the most difficult office romances is one involving a boss and subordinate. A power imbalance can create a lot of tension, and it might get in the way of doing your work professionally.

Allowing your emotions to get in the way of properly doing your job will upset your colleagues for unequal treatment, not to mention doing a disservice to your employer.

If you’re not confident how your relationship will manage with organizational changes and complications, it’ll be better to steer clear from starting a romance at all.


There are many subtle signs to tell if you’re in for a budding office romance.

Find out if your male co-worker is interested in you by carefully paying close attention to how he acts around you, how he treats you, and how much effort he makes to make you feel special and spend time with you.

Before you start that office romance, remember to think twice about the consequences as well.

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